Neck pain can also cause by minor mistakes you make in your daily life. Let's discuss the cause and explanation of the pain. Doctors say that the average person should sleep for roughly 6 to 8 hours during a stressful day. How many of us are practicing this and say yes to the very best? If you are reading this article, you will find that daily sleep is no longer a must. This way, we can do all the work the next day and do better. In addition, the heart, brain, and digestive tract can function healthily.

The most common cause of hysteria is the condition of the neck when you lie down. It is important to make sure that the sleeping pillow on our head before going to sleep is soft and soft without being too hard or too hard. Also, when sleeping on the left or right side of the bed, it is important to make sure that your head area is in line with your body size. This will help you balance the tightness and relaxation of the muscles around the neck. My duty here is to state the importance of this because most people who use the most difficult pillow experience empathy for neck pain.

Your question may be, how is neck pain and pillow related? What seems to be the only mess? Your pillow and neck pain are 100% related, and when someone seeks out a doctor, the doctor's first command is to stop usingthe pillow for a while, and we'll never ask him why.




Using a series, TRAPEZIUS / Trapezius muscle, the most important muscle in the bones of the neck, will feel pain when you get up from bed the next morning, as the inner clitoris or punch is tightened from its normal position, causing various changes in the smooth muscles around the neck. Tension in the muscles around the neck and when the head is turned to one side can cause pain and chronic headaches. This is called CERVICAL GENIC HEADACHE in English. Some physicians may find themselves coming to physiotherapy when they have sought medical help and treatment of headaches, the main problem of which is the tightness in the muscles around the neck. 


If you are having neck pain reading this article, the first thing you will do is replace your pillow and buy a pillow at the same height as above. To this day, no proper pillow is available in stores. But people with neck pain can get specially shaped pillows for use. When using a specially shaped pillow, the neck and thoracic bones can be kept in a straight line. 


Dr. Hulsha Paudyal (PT)