FAQs for COVID-19 Vaccine in Nepal

 FAQs for COVID-19 Vaccine in Nepal

  • Should I take the COVID19 vaccine? 

          Ans: Yes. If yes, then which one? (any one of 3)

  1. Oxford/AstraZeneca COVISHIED UK/India, Viral vector - 1st dose 76%, 2nd dose 82%

  2. SinoPharm BBIBP China,  Inactivated - 2nd dose79 %

  3. Bharat Biotech COVAXIN India, Inactivated - 2nd dose 81%  


  • Should I take the vaccine?


  1. Nepal is seeing the beginning of a 2nd wave which will likely peak in the next 1 - 2 months

  2. Nepal already has seen a surge in UK variants within the community. This strain is more contagious than before

  3. We are in a race against time to get vaccinated before the COVID19 peak comes in.

So, YES, we should get vaccinated if we get a chance as soon as possible!

The risk of getting COVID-19 is greater than the risk from adverse events from the vaccines (especially in the elderly & with co-morbidities).