Early Detection and Management of COVID-19

1. Introduction

Charak Memorial Hospital, Pokhara had organized a workshop on Early detection and management of COVID-19 on December 18, 2020, at Swiss International Hotel Sarowar, Lakeside, Pokhara in coordination with Danphe Care and was supported by Deurali Janta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide targeted people(Nursing In-charge, Medical officers, and consultants of MEDICINE/ EMERGENCY/ ANESTHESIA/ CRITICAL CARE AND ICU) with knowledge about how early diagnosis and management can be achieved with COVID-19 patients by experts and also share the knowledge of how the COVID- 19 scenarios have been addressed by the Charak Memorial Hospital.


2.  Audience Metrics

 The estimated audience was 30-40, but there were more than 50 individuals attending the workshop. There were a significant number of medical practitioners from different hospitals attending.

Health Minister of Gandaki Province: Nar Devi Pun

Sales Representative from Deurali Janta (1)

Attendants were from different hospitals within Pokhara:





Charak Memorial Hospital

Dr. Klara Pudel (Clinical Director),

Dr. Badri Paudel

Dr. Kovid Nepal Surgeon

Dr. Kapil Pokhrel

Rachana Basnet

And other medical professionals.


Danphe Care, Kathmandu

Dr. Prabhat Adhikari (Infectious Disease and Critical care-Grande International Hospital)



Fishtail Hospital and Research Center

Dr.Basanta Tamrakar

Dr. Dipesh Karki(C.Physician)

Pratima Sharma Sapkota(Matron) and other representatives from Fishtail Hospital


Military Hospital

Dr. Sudarshan Subedi (C. Physician)


Metrocity Hospital

Dr.Darwin Chhetri (Anaesthesiologist)


Manipal Hospital (and Aastha Kidney and specialized Hospital)



Gandaki Medical Collage

TuMayaGhale(Medical Superintendent)


Western Regional Hospital

Dr. Sarad Baral


There were also other medical practitioners, as well as staff from several hospitals.


3. Programme and Speakers

A little late from the scheduled time(5:00 p.m) the program began at 6:00 p.m. So apart from the planned agenda, the program was updated as per feasibility.

· Dr. Kapil Pokhrel the event's host welcomed everyone with a formal opening ceremony.


· Dr. Klara Paudel (Clinical Director at Charak Memorial Hospital) shared the Charak memorial's experience on how they dealt with the COVID scenario, the statistical treatment analysis of even more than 150 Covid patients (recovered and current patients), and the number of hospital beds available. Likewise, what tactics have they used since and how have they progressed with the assistance of hospital management in the recovery process. She has also mentioned about the Charak Memorial Hospital team got NMC approval for running a course of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation for medicinal professionals for the first time in whole Nepal.


· The Inauguration Program was carried out by the Health Minister of Gandaki Province, Nar Devi Pun. She informed everyone about how Gandaki Province operates with Covid's management. In what way the authority works to cope with the situation and how Gandaki Province began treating Covid patients at Western Regional Hospital with few beds and currently what constructive works have been undertaken to cope with the situation of Covid. She also mentioned that Charak Memorial was the first hospital to cure the first COVID patient at Pokhara. She also congratulates the front liners for their work and advises the medicinal practitioners to work simultaneously with the government to deal with the pandemic.


· Because of a busy schedule, Dr. Binod Bandhu Sharma (Health Directorate, Gandaki Province) couldn't physically present at the event so he explained about huddles on Covid management in Gandaki Province via telecommunications. He congratulates the organizing committee for holding such a workshop and urges the guest speakers (Dr. Prabhat Adhikari and Dr. Navindra Bista) to offer a positive demonstration towards the topics and was concerned about of despite being physically not present, he wishes all medical practitioners for better work.


· Dr. Prabhat Adhikari (Infectious Diseases and Critical care-Grande International Hospital, Danphe Care) mentioned the short history of SARS, MERS, and SARS Cov-2(he focuses on SARS Cov-2 viral structure, being zoonotic origins and having closely genetic similarity to bat coronaviruses (Point mutations) and also mentioned the reasons behind the name SARS Cov-2). He kept more emphasis on detailed learning of the entire viral pathogenesis mechanism, clinical features, viral replication, and comparative study of a complete genomic sequence, mortality rate of SARS, MERS, and SARS Cov-2. Comparison of statistical analysis of Covid management in Nepal and in developed countries. Importance of RT-PCR test, on which situation antigen test is preferred. He informed about the importance of monoclonal antibody for coping with the virus with the reference; Lilly’s monoclonal antibody approval from FDA emergency use authorization for the treatment of recently diagnosed COVID-19. Also gave emphasis on IVERMECTIN playing an important role in the prevention of viral entry. A piece of brief information was given about FAVIPIRAVIR, its efficacy, and ongoing clinical trials for COVID-19.

· Likewise, he explained about the huddles on the management of COVID-19 in Nepal, what were the errors and how can it be resolved so far. Proper knowledge of various masks and proper way of wearing those as per patients and medicinal practitioners, the importance of N95, and other relevant masks. Also gave detailed information about ventilation system in the hospitals, how one can reduce the pressure for ventilation system under available infrastructures. Informed about the updated guidelines in management pre-hospital to post-hospital care for Covid-19.


· Farewell ceremony for the Health Minister of Gandaki Province, Nar Devi Pun was performed.


· Dr. Navindra Raj Bista, Anaesthesiology has shared the guidelines in managing surgical cases of COVID-19 as per National Anaesthesiologist Associations for pre and post-management. Also, share the experience of how TUTH has initiated the guidelines for implementation. He introduced to everyone about Paaila Technology, a robotics company in Nepal, and their innovations as Paaila Vent (First ventilator in Nepal) for COVID-19 patients in order to make easiness for ventilation and to provide oxygen.  Also mentioned about various benefits of the vent and also mentioned it reduces the time as compared to Ambu bag.


· Sales representative from Deurali Janta Pharmaceuticals informed being supportive towards the initiation that Charak Memorial has taken. Also informed about the FAVIPIRAVIR being approved for influenza and can be given to patients under prescription and informed everyone about its ongoing clinical trial in Nepal.


· Dr. Badri Paudel, Chairman at Charak Memorial Hospital, briefly outlined the entire program and told of the best services Charak Memorial Hospital has delivered to date. He acknowledged Danphe Care for their coordination and thanked every audience for their time and presence, and the formal program was ended on the dinner invitation note.


4. Location and venue

The event was held on Swiss International Hotels Sarowar located at Lakeside, Pokhara. The hotel was very good and the event management was at its best. They had provided the best service at the event.


5. Conclusion

The program was very knowledgeable and innovative. There were various renowned and honorable medical practitioners present. The experts shared their information in a significant manner. Throughout the program, the audience was excited and enthusiastic. Everybody was optimistic about the program. The chosen location was pleasant. Finally, in support of DJPL, the overall program was carried out very well by Charak Team and Danphe.