Free Telehealth services for Non-Resident Nepalese

NRNA launches worldwide telehealth service in collaboration with Danphe Care

A comprehensive global telehealth service has been launched on Friday, February 12, 2021, with the joint efforts of the Health Committee under the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) and the Department of Foreign Employment and Welfare of NRNA. Anyone of Nepali descent living anywhere in the world can benefit from this telehealth service. They can consult a health professional online. This telehealth program has health experts and doctors from all fields and disciplines.

General Physician, Internal Medicine, Cardiologist, endocrinologist, physiotherapist,   Psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, nephrologists, and epilepsy specialists dermatology, pediatrics, dental health, physiotherapy, orthopedic, oncologist, Infectious disease, and critical care experts, telecommunication experts, public health experts, nurse, Dieticians, pharmacist are included from different corners of the world such as Japan, Australia, Nepal, Europe, England, Middle East, and the USA in this telehealth program.

An estimated 8 million Nepali are outside of Nepal as migrant workers, students, non-residents, citizens of host countries, and in other states. This program is expected to extend access to health services to Nepali living anywhere in different parts of the world.

Nepali immigrants especially migrant workers face a number of health risks and challenges abroad aggravated by adverse working and living conditions, lack of access to basic health care and social service, discrimination inequality, violence, and exploitation. To serve the health needs of Nepali immigrants, the Non-Residential Nepalese Association coordinated by the Global Health Committee and the Department of Foreign Employment & Benefits of NRNs in collaboration with Danphe Care has launched a telehealth guidance service with support from healthcare professionals all over the globe.

During the launching event, the participants concurred on the need for health service to immigrant workers and Nepali diaspora all over the world and shared their excitement and enthusiasm. During the program, Dr. Prabhat Adhikari, CEO of Danphe Care offered a free web-based electronic medical record and telemedicine system to all the Nepali doctors who are out of the country who are willing to provide telehealth service to the global Nepali during this Covid pandemic.

How to avail of services from this telehealth program?

One can participate in the telehealth program through Viber, WhatsApp on their mobile, or directly contact health professionals through it. For that, if you are residing outside Nepal, you can contact +974-555-65320 or +977 980-231-4739 and if you are inside Nepal, you can contact me through a mobile number 980-231-4739. Alternatively, you can send your health inquiries by email to

Is there a charge for receiving services from a telehealth program?

There is no charge for services through this program. This is a completely free program, launched through the Non-Resident Nepali Association to provide to the Nepali community worldwide.

What types of health problems can be treated through a telehealth program?

In any part of the world, you can inquire about your health problems in a simple and easy way through virtual means by phone (Viber, WhatsApp) or by email. Anyone from Europe or America, Africa or any Middle East country or Southeast Asia can join the program.

For example, if a Nepali working in Bahrain starts itching, or a woman working in Malaysia who has been suffering from headaches for a year, or a Nepali working in Russia has knee pain, or a Nepali in South Korea has a mental disorder, they can seek health counseling via telehealth program by phone (Whatsapp, Viber or google meet) or email. Will be able to they can report their problems by mobile, phone, SMS, or email. After receiving a phone call or email, the doctor or nurse on duty will speak. They will evaluate the health condition by listening to their overall problem and will give advice or counseling to address the health problem by connecting the concerned experts.

What doesn’t this telehealth program cover?

It does not provide emergency health services. The TeleHealth program can provide counseling on related health problems but may not provide you with the medicine you need. As we have to work under the policies, rules, and laws of the country concerned, this program does not do anything that violates those laws. If you have a serious or emergency problem, you should contact the nearest health facility immediately.

How does this program ensure patient information is kept confidential?

The privacy of each person seeking telehealth through this program is as important as providing them telehealth service. The service ensures that all consultations from the system are kept confidential. No one knows about a person's health information except the concerned medical team (nurse, doctors, and specialists). The NRNA Health Committee wants to ensure that health information is kept safe and confidential.

What is Danphe Care and what is its role in this telehealth program?

Danphe Care has been providing teleconsultations for many years, mostly in Nepal, but also abroad. The Health Committee will work with Danphe Care to provide telephone counseling to Nepalese worldwide.

Who are involved in Telehealth?

Health experts from Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Maldives, Nigeria, USA, UK, and Kuwait will provide counseling through telehealth.