Healthy eating and weight control in children

Healthy eating and weight control in children. 

Our body shapes and sizes vary through the stages of life and are determined by factors such as our family history, diet, and exercise. That means we can change our bodyweight if we want to! Maintaining a healthy weight for your child’s height is important for good health. It is important to establish a healthy lifestyle and eating pattern during childhood and continue to encourage these habits for life. Children learn by example; parents are the best role model for their children when it comes to healthy eating.

Do not:

  1. Place your child on a very restrictive diet (e.g. excluding whole food groups). This can result in poor nutrition and may affect your child’s growth.

  2. Make negative comments about your child’s weight or size.

  3. Single your child out as being “on a diet”.


  1. Follow a balanced diet and include healthy snacks.

  2. Praise frequently for healthy food choices and reward your child with non-food items (e.g. stickers or books).

  3. Limit “screen time” (the amount of time your child spends watching television or playing computer games).

  4. Limit intake of high fat and high sugar snack foods. These foods contain lots of extra energy (calories) and minimal amounts of nutrition.

  5. Set a good example for your child by modeling healthy eating habits.

  6. Eating together as a family is a good opportunity to teach your child about healthy food and model good eating habits.

  7. Encourage your child to learn to recognize feelings of hunger and satiety.

  8. Involve the whole family in diet and lifestyle changes.


Dietitian Anushree Acharya

Danphe Care