Medical tests that need to be done for Australia and abroad 

Medical tests for Australia and abroad 

If you are applying for Australia you need to follow some sets of guidelines that also hold true for health checkups as well. In this article, we are trying to summarize the list of tests for your convenience. 

The medical examination for an Australian visa depends on the kind of visa requested, whether a study visa or tourist visa or work visa or PR visa. 

The request to undertake a medical examination will come from DIBP (Department of immigration and broadcasting) and the results are valid for one year. For additional time, you have to make further health test at your expense. You have to go for an X-ray test, and some other lab tests for applying to Australia, but at the same time, if you are applying for permanent residence (PR) you have to go for an HIV test as well. 

If you are going for a medical test, you have to go only to limited hospitals or health centers recognized by the immigration office.  There are few hospitals which is providing such service and Norvic hospital is one of them. Such authorized health centers are solely responsible to check whether you meet the health requirement of Australia. For additional tests, such health centers will recommend you. 

Children are not required to go for a chest x-ray, but one has to present the immunization records. 


Tuberculosis (TB) 

Australia strictly checks for TB from potential migrants. If TB is detected, the applicant will be rejected automatically without any further examinations.  MANTOUX TEST is done for this. 


All the applicants above 15 should go for HIV/AIDS screening tests. But for temporary migration, you may not, still, it is recommended to go for HIV testing.  


If you are pregnant, you may not be allowed an X-ray test. So, you might be denied for visa grant until your child is born. 


You may have to go for separate hepatitis B and C tests. 

Urine Test 

This is a regular urine test. 

 Blood test 

This may include a routine blood test which is a normal test. 

 Other general tests 

You may have to make a physical examination and, height, weight, Blood pressure, etc.   



  Medical exam: adult (>11 year) 

  Medical exam: 5-11 years 

  Medical exam: <5 years 

  Chest X-ray only (e.g. visitor visa) 

  HIV test 

  Hepatitis B test 

  Hepatitis C test 


For more details, you can contact the Australian Visa Application Centre, Academy of Culinary Arts, Ground Floor, Mahalaxmisthan Marga, Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal 


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