Telepsychiatry is the process of providing health services from a distance through video conferencing. This involves a range of services like group therapy, counseling, individual therapy, family therapy, medication management, psychotherapy, etc. The patient can have live and interactive communication with the specialists by maintaining privacy and having no fear of social stigma.

Problems that can be treated through Telepsychiatry:

  1. Substance abuse

  2. Anxiety

  3. Depression

  4. Sleep disorders

  5. Eating disorder

  6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  7. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  8. Schizophrenia

  9. Alzheimer's Disease

  10. Personality Disorders

  11. Suicide Prevention

  12. Bipolar Disorders

1. Depression:

 It is a serious mental illness, that negatively affects how you feel, how you act, and how you think. It has symptoms of feeling sad, loss of interest, change in appetite, decreased energy, feeling guilty and worthless, thoughts of suicide or death.

2.  Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety might be a normal reaction to stress or danger but an Anxiety disorder is a mental illness where it differs from normal nervousness which involves excessive anxiety and fear. Anxiety disorder is the most common disorder in the world and hampers job performance, school work, or personal relationships.

3. Stress:

Stress is our mental response to pressure, but it may sometimes hamper our physical and social wellbeing. Stress may be due to person to personal relationships, social and economic challenges, or circumstances During stress, one can see emotional changes, behavioral changes, Physical health changes. Each individual is unique and each has a different level to deal with the pressure, some might be able to cope with a great deal of pressure some may not.  Some people might have stressful life events like debts, financial insecurities, weakening relationships, minority ethnic groups.

4. Anger: 

Anger is natural but when one cannot control it, it becomes a problem. Anger is bad for both emotional and physical health. Anger can result in many physical and mental violence.

Anger can include, increased blood pressure, increase heart rate, increased breathing rate, muscle tension, and tingling sensation. It can also have, irritability, frustration, anxiety, rage, stress.

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