Telehealth Services for Nepalese Diaspora

NRNA Clinic Supported by Danphe Care in collaboration with NMA and NAN


Non- Residential Nepalese Association and Danphe care signed a statement of initiative for the welfare of migrant workers in presence of Nepal Medical Association, Nursing Association of Nepal on August 22nd, 2021.

A principle understanding was signed by Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota, Phr. Kabin Maleku, Dr. Shiv Shrestha, and Ms. Mana Kumari Rai from NRNA, Danphe care, NMA, and NAN on behalf of their respective organizations.

Danphe Care has been providing telehealth service to many migrant workers and other Nepalese residing abroad in joint collaboration with NRNA since last year and hundreds of Nepalese have already been benefitted. NRNA shall be continuing its telehealth service for migrant workers in collaboration with Danphe care and extent its service with occupational health training and preventive medicine practice for the welfare of the migrant workers.

It is estimated that more than 3 million Nepalese are working abroad and 8 million Nepalese origins are residing abroad and a majority of migrant workers are based in the Middle East, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.

Due to the lack of employment opportunities, many Nepalese have to travel abroad. Many of them are either poorly educated or illiterate and they lack basic health education. Due to the language problem, many Nepalese are unable to seek medical care, and many die due to poor health status.

Considering the fact, NRNA lead by Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota, who is also chairperson of the Health Committee took the initiative of running a Telemedicine center and Health clinic which primarily focuses on Primary health and Occupational health to reduce the possible health burden. He also focuses that we are a Non-Profit Organization with a motive to serve all migrant workers.

Ms. Mana Kumari Rai from NAN, also promises to help with the Nursing services.  Similarly, Dr. Shiva Shrestha praised the innovative ideas which ultimately helps in the upliftment of Nepalese Health. He also focused on quality health at an affordable cost. Dr. Kush all the way from Australia who was representing the Australian Nepalese Medical Foundation, also promises to help this program and make it successful with his skill set.

Phr. Kabin Maleku, Chief Operating Officer of Danphe Care summarized the need for such service and how effective was the telehealth service to many Nepalese residing abroad. He also welcomed all the participants representing different organizations for joining hands in this initiative.

Dr. Suhail Sapkota talked about Electronic Medical Records where all the health data will be recorded in a digitalized form. Anyone residing outside the country can get the Health Report Card virtually, which ultimately helps Nepalese people.

Finally, the CEO of Danphe Care, Dr. Prabhat Adhikari focused combined efforts of multidisciplinary for the welfare and clinical improvement of patients. He also stressed joint collaboration on various clinical Training, Research, and EMR Training. Training our employees on regular basis will help in providing quality care of service.

Phr. Kabin Maleku