SHAPU (Seasonal Hyper  Acute  Pan  Uveitis) 

SHAPU (Seasonal Hyper  Acute  Pan  Uveitis) 

It is a  mysterious eye disease found only one season in  Nepal. In the context of Nepal, it is between Bhadra to Mangsir. As this disease is not seen in all places of Nepal yet it has been found in certain places like  Kaski, Baglung, Palpa, Gulmi, Agrakhachi. It can cause unilateral blindness if there is a delay in the treatment process. It is mainly seen in the children which lead to loss of sight within a  week after the first contact of the eye with its dust or scales of the wing.



The main cause of SHAPU is suspected to be the white moth. This disease has less evidence of its cause but there are suggested evidence that it is due to exposure to possible toxins.


Symptoms of SHAPU


 Immediate redness with less/ no pain.

 Involve one eye.

 Sudden loss of vision (24-48 hrs)

 The appearance of a whitish part in the black part of the eye.


Sign of SHAPU 


Hypopyon (pus in the AC)


Decreased intraocular pressure

Circumcilliary congestion 

Shallow anterior chamber



Specimen collection of aqueous fluid, vitreous fluid, blood, and conjunctival swap is required.

This disease can be treated at an early stage of contact within 48 hrs. Individuals should have Immediate consultation with an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist after the contact of moth to their eyes.



*Stay away from moth during the month of epidemicity(Bhadra to Mangsir)

*Wear glasses if you try to shove them away

*Keep your house neat and clean as they are attracted to Swamy places.

*Try to avoid bright light during nighttime.


Asmita Maden