Things you need to know about Danphe Care Telemedicine

Things you need to know about Danphe Care Telemedicine


Technologies have shrunk the world in many ways. Health care coverage has reached the unreached population, even when COVID-19 has made lockdown and social distancing the new norm. Caring for patients remotely despite the absence of physical presence of both the health care provider and the patient is known as telemedicine. The term covers all teleconsultations through phones, chats, or videos. Of course, video conferencing would be the best of these options. With the use of modern technologies for health care, the question of maintaining patient privacy remains. While using telemedicine the providers and patients should always use HIPAA compliant devices or software. Due to COVID-19 limiting physical office visits, teleconsultations have increased rapidly. While it does look attractive to dial a phone as an easy solution, it is important to keep in mind the media or platform that you are reaching out to. Thus, it is always responsible to reach out to a dependable and trustworthy organization/ institute/ health care provider for better using the service advantageously. Telemedicine is definitely growing every day.  

Danphe care is one of those innovative advances for quality healthcare through telemedicine. It is a synapse of competent health care workers and ingenious tech staff. Bringing together the brain from around the world, the team expertise comprises people from Nepal, the United States, and the United Kingdom. From the service of a medical officer to consulting specialist in Internal Medicine, pulmonary, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, urology, dermatology and venerology, endocrinology, ENT, ophthalmology, pediatrics, surgery, anesthesiology, and transfusion medicine; Danphe covers all specialties. Health is the most important priority for every person, the quality of care should never be compromised. Danphe focuses on all the physical, mental, and social aspects of health with teleconsultations. From managing diseases through medicines to focusing on healthy lifestyle changes, the team provides care to the individual through a holistic approach. Danphe care has additional services besides verbal consultations; Lab technicians go home for laboratory tests, nurses provide home nursing care to those who need it, immunizations are administered at home, and physiotherapy services are also available. Many a time, people are delayed in their medication refills and are living in misery because of the inability to reach hospitals due to time or geographic constraints; Danphe erases such barriers in health care.  

Since the ignition of the Pandemic, Danphe has already consulted more than 5000 cases with positive and satisfied responses, and over 25000 teleconsultation cycles, and 25000 plus online encounters. 

There are limitations to telemedicine, like procedures cannot be performed virtually, some examination requires office visits to better identify the severity, and not all the lab tests besides the basic blood draws can reach a patient's home. Despite these limitations, it saves several screening office visits and there are numerous medical conditions that can be managed through virtual consultations. The issues missed during office visits can also be addressed through calls. When in doubt, a consultation with a healthcare professional can provide people with more information about their health, telemedicine makes this accessible. People can live with the confidence of having a health care consultation only a call/click/text away. While without question telemedicine has been useful during COVID-19, the service is beneficial despite the pandemic. The advantages and use of telemedicine are only growing in this era. As important as it is to go to a competent health care professional for office visits, choosing a good platform for teleconsultations is equally important.  


Dr. Elina Shrestha