We provide a one-stop solution for laboratory services at home. Once we get the request for the Lab test, we will arrange for a technician to come to your home and to obtain a sample. We will provide the results to you and your doctor of various tests like PCR tests, Urine tests, Stool tests, Blood tests, Sputum tests, etc.

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  1. What are the services you offer?

  • We can offer almost all the laboratory service necessary.

I was covid positive, and recovered, what are the tests you recommend?

If you have any persitisting symptoms i.e in long covid, you can test according to symptoms. For example: 

If you have fever you can test CBC, RFT, Urine culture,

If you have Cough you can test CBC, RFT, CXR

If you have chest pain you can test CBC, RFT, ECG

If you have no symptoms, no test is required.

For any further queries, you can consult our doctors.

What test needs fasting blood?

Tests that requires fasting blood are: Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid profile, Thyroid Function Test and  Cortisol or if there is any special requirements as per your consultants.


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We have been organizing webinar and seminars to spread knowlegde regarding COVID Nationally

Home Isolation Care

Our Dedicated medical team provide Home Isolation Care for the mildly symptomic as well as asymptomatic COVID Patients

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We will provide each and everyone a safety guidelines

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