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Danphe Care offers physiotherapy treatment in your own home as opposed to a traditional clinic or hospital-based setting. We have been serving our customers with our experienced and skilled physiotherapists all around Kathmandu and Pokhara.

We provide a one-stop solution for laboratory services at home. Once we get the request for the Lab test, we will arrange for a technician to come to your home and to obtain a sample. We will provide the results to you and your doctor of various tests like PCR test, Urine test, Stool test, Blood test, Sputum test, etc.

The Danphe team of Consultants, Medical Officers, Nurses, and Health Assistant will be mobilized whilst making efforts to reduce stigmatization of suspected cases or quarantined households to educate, facilitate and follow-up people to comply with the guidelines. The process will be in partnership with the local authorities including health facilities and other stakeholders. FCHVs, Lab Technicians, Pharmacists, and other volunteers will be mobilized where necessary.We have successfully supported more than 600 COVID-19 positive cases under home isolation all over Nepal.

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We provide online counselling through our Tele Care platform. Now anyone can easily book an appointment from the convenience of your home or your office. Our specialist will obtain all your detailed history, review your records and give you the best treatment. We can also provide lab services, and prescriptions at your home.

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If you have any health-related queries, please contact us. We will provide you with guidance and support to solve your health concern. For emergencies, we suggest you contact the nearest ambulance service or go to a nearby hospital for immediate attention. If you are in quarantine or home isolation, our team of nurses, medical officers, and specialists also provide physical, mental, and social support to improve your well being and overcome your anxiety.